Opinion: Quick Look at the Sierra Nevada Rain Check from the Mills River brewery

First off on what a quick look is since this is the first one on the site. A quick look is going to be an opinion piece on my own personal thought of a beer. I know not everyone may agree on what I have to say on these quick looks and this one may be especially different compared to what I've been hearing about this online, but now that this beer has been available for sometime now, it seems like the perfect time to go a little more in depth.

A quick rundown about this beer and brewery. This is the Sierra Nevada Rain Check, Spiced Stout. The notable thing about this beer is that it's the first specialty beer brewed in the Sierra Nevada Mills River location.  

The Rain Check Spiced Stout comes described on the label as a, rich, toasty stout with flavors of burnt sugar and dark roasted malt spiked with ginger and lime and it comes in at 8.9% abv. I have seen them typically shipping in 4 packs of 12 oz bottles. The price around the Charlotte market seems to be averaging around 10-14$ a 4 pack. Packaging while it shouldn't determine the quality of the beer itself, it does play a role in the consumers decision on what to get when trying a new beer. Rain Check seems to follow most of the other Sierra Nevada packaging lines. It's simple and doesn't stand out too much, but it's simple and gets across what it needs to do.



Now finally to the beer itself. First with the aroma, It has a pretty standard stout smell, you get the dark roasted malt and a slight sweetness, but even though the label lists ginger and lime I get almost little to none even though other reviews are saying the lime is overbearing. You hardly pick up any of the 8.9%, especially when it's cold. When it warms up some of the lime and heat from the alcohol seems to peak out very little. 

Once you get to actually pouring the beer, you'll notice it pours a dark brown, almost black in color with a slim but clean head to it. The head lingers for a short time, but goes away quickly after a few sips.

When you finally get to the taste, first trying the beer just slightly cold fresh from the fridge, you get a lot of the dark malts and sugars coming through. I sometimes think I might be picking up a very mild ginger taste but honestly not sure. It's extremely smooth especially for how strong it is. As the beer warms, you slowly start to get more of that 8.9% heat, but not too much else seems to change. 


Overall, It has a great solid mouth feel, I just really wish it had more of a spice to it like the name suggests. I'd definitely buy this again, as I already have numerous times. If i'm looking for something dark and toasty with a little kick to it, currently, this is my go to.