The long talked about and awaited NoDa Brewing sour/barrel project has finally been revealed and given a date, and with the recent Wicked Weed news this could not come at a better time.

Ever since NoDa opened the newer facility many expected the original one to shut down like many expanding breweries do, of course NoDa did the opposite. They kept the original spot with the idea to turn it into a barrel house/sour facility.

NoDa has been working on this for nearly a year and now has an opening date for this coming Memorial Day (perfect day for a celebration).

So why the name Boba Brett?

From NoDa; a perfect marriage between Boba Fett, one of the most feared bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy, and Brettanomyces (“Brett” for short), one of the main microbes found in sour beers.” on top of the cool name and the idea of making sours, sours are of course in huge demand Suzie Ford President and Co-Owner of NoDa Brewing points out.

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The Details

On May 29th at noon they will open and serve the first of many sour beers to come. The first being;

Ariana Saison, a barrel-fermented clean saison blended with just a hint of our Boba Brett sour base to give it a better balance and tartness.

On May 30, they’ll be releasing as that week’s NoDable beer, pouring Boba Brett in his purest form — a deliciously crisp pale sour.

Whats Next?

After the first two sour releases, they note they’re already working on a dark sour currently as well as in possession of some red wine barrels and apple brandy barrels.

NoDa’s two 30 bbl foeders – image courtesy of

for more information check out the full post from NoDa HERE.