Refreshing ecstasy long held in kettle brewed Unleashed to pour forth your luminous soul Among the sour libations you reign
Despite each sip doth volume wane Alas! the tender tap flows upon my gaze fain

A splendid ale, your iridescent glow
Rubus genus with rose hue
Oh! Pink Robot
The wildness of your sour taste
Redolent fruit surpassed only by your noteful grace

Red and black on summer winds glide Tart notes upon tastebuds reside
O’ healthy body
O’ healthy soul Burst of berries where antioxidants find A dance, a play
An elixir of dreams while body supine

Your can, impressively bold
Cloaked in pink with verse from Flaming Lips old A nod, a wink
A colorful vessel from which to drink

Word of a finale interrupts your ethereal arrival Sadness from treasure to set thy lips aquiver
Stay! Stay! Rumors or your release surprise the liver

An ephemeral delight to lighten thy mood Ineffable joy!
As taste departs in happiness my palette to brood


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Daniel Bliley
Writing is a hobby, beer is passion. If I were a math nerd it would be: writing + beer = love. I enjoy exploring new restaurants, new beers, and, well, anything new. I am a native of Virginia, currently residing in the Charlotte, NC area. My go-to is a freezing cold IPA, although the Cold Mountain from Highland Brewing has a permanent residence in my heart. Catch me at the bar sipping on craft beers and downing BBQ wings on any given night, and say hello.