Appalachian Mountain Brewery is a brewery I sometimes don’t fortunately get to try as often as I’d like but I think that might be changing very soon. I’ve been recently enjoying a few of their offerings such as the Boone Creek Blonde and the Spoaty-Oaty Pale Ale. The most recent one to try was the Daniel’s Double IPA. My fiancé and I both gave this one a try as her palate has been really coming around to the IPA side more so than mine.

“Just as Daniel was adventurous, this double is named after his pioneering spirit. It has a citrus hop bomb in the nose and a massive, resinous hop flavor. And despite the 9% ABV, this is one crushable double IPA.”

Appearance and Aroma

Poured from a 16oz can which had a nice golden amber color with a slight haze as well as a medium sized head that stuck around almost the entire time it was being enjoyed. The Aroma was intense in the best way possible. The second the can was cracked open I immediately smelt the hop resin/pine notes accompanied by powerful citrus/lemon fruits.


Onto the taste, overall in my opinion the most important part. I am going to let Ali take over this part to describe what she thought of this beer. –

“Being a girl going from the mix of sours and dark dessert beers, hoppy beers are becoming a thing of my interest and while this is still a little too hoppy for me, the bitterness isnt overwhelming and isn’t overpowering the beer which allows me to really appreciate the taste of it. You get the bitter hop flavor upfront which is what you’d expect from the aroma, quickly after the bitterness you get a little bit of the malt/caramel than the fruity notes you got with the aromas as well. The 9%abv is hidden very well and can be very drinkable if you want a flavorful, strong and hoppy beer.”


The Daniel’s Double IPA is a seasonal beer usually available between July 2017 until September 2017 but if you really look you might get lucky at finding a 4 pack or two on some shelves. A pack will typically run you 9.99 for a 4 pack of 16oz cans.

As far as the value talks go this will always be a tough one with IPAs since the selection is massive in the Carolinas. If you’re wanting a hoppy, resin filled, citrus double IPA that hides it high abv pretty well i’d have to say you need to give it a try. Of course if bitter/hoppy beers aren’t your thing than this review is almost pointless for you.

DISCLAIMER: As always in situations like this, this beer was provided at no charge to me for reviewing purposes from Unknown Brewing Company which here at Craft Carolina makes a clear point to disclose this as clearly as possible and make sure it has no impact in our score and impressions.