Another year, another limited release beer and in this case Unknown Brewing Company’s ambitious Vehopcirator. A Triple IPA in which they’re now in its third iteration. This beer usually touts a higher than normal amount of hops, boasting more ingredients and additions and of course aggressive and inventive marketing.

While hop aggressive beers I typically don’t flock to, occassionally I will venture back into the world of bitterness and interesting hop puns. To me an enjoyable IPA must include a good balance of bitterness and unique flavors without it being a pissing contest of who can make the hoppiest beer. Lets see how Unknown did.

You can see some of that inventive advertising in this video they made below.


Even though Unknown Brewing Company tends to be pretty aggressive on what they make I was suprised that I enjoyed this as much as I did. While it was of course pretty bitter coming in at 90 IBUs, the 9.9% abv Triple IPA didn’t wreck my palate like I expected it to. One major component that I was pleased to notice was a decent amount of malt characteristics I was picking up on in this beer.

Some people especially the die hard hop heads who want nothing but a hop bomb might be disappointed in the blend of malt and hop flavors coming together but for someone that wants a little of both worlds it’s worth a shot and is what brought me coming back to the bottle on this one.

Appearance and Aroma

The beer poured from the 22oz bomber was an amber, golden color with a medium head that lingered almost the entire time I was drinking it. Aromas of citrus, floral hops and a little bit of spruce/pine. To me this was what was expected, a clean pouring, pleasant aroma. They really knocked these two categories out of the park if that’s something that concerns you.


Time to break down the beer math. As someone who likes to run through the numbers its nice to know what you’re getting for your hard earned money. Not that the goal is to always get drunk on the cheap, its never fun to throw money down the drain. The price will vary from location to location but the average price seems to be between 11.99$ for a 22oz bomber.

I have two stances on the overall value of this beer;

1. As someone who rarely buys IPAs in general and tends to go for less hoppier beers, while the price may be higher compared to a 6 pack of whatever, the 12$ bomber price is hard to beat especially considering previous years it was around 15-17$. If a bigger IPA is a must this will definitely be one of the first ones I might think of.

2. For those that love to experiment and try something new, this is a very unique blend of hops and malt that surprisingly goes well together. If you love trying the latest and greatest in fun and experimental beers on top of the limited availability of this, it might be hard for you to resist this one.

DISCLAIMER: As always in situations like this, this beer was provided at no charge to me for reviewing purposes from Unknown Brewing Company which here at Craft Carolina makes a clear point to disclose this as clearly as possible and make sure it has no impact in our score and impressions.

About Unknown Brewing Company

Unknown Brewing Company brings quirky to the Queen City. Located in Charlotte’s South End neighborhood and just three blocks from the Bank of America Stadium. The Unknown’s top commandments are to make good beer and to live without boundaries. This local craft breweries culture is all about breaking the mold and bending limits – urging individuals to flip the bird to anyone who objects to living each day to its fullest and taking a wild adventure.”

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