Beer Profile

ABV: 5.6
IBU: 20

“We added a generous amount of milk sugar to this black beer to create mild sweetness and fuller body.  Black, medium-full bodied with hints of malted-milk chocolate goodness!”


Pours a very dark brown, almost black with a thin tan head that dissipates relatively quickly. The appearance seems to fit right in with this style so no complaints here.


On the nose you get a notes of the sugar, milk chocolate, coffee and some roasted malts. Slightly sweet and some may think a little too much on the dark roast/coffee but for me give me as much as you can cram into the beer.


Medium body, slight sweetness that seems to follow the aroma. You get a nice hint of coffee, the lactose for the milk stout, beer slightly on the sweet side. For a milk stout the body is exactly in line for what I want but for any other type of stout it’d be on the light side.

Final Thoughts

As someone who likes to think of the Milk Stout as one of my favorite styles of beer it’s nice to see one done right. Many milk stouts imo tend to be either too heavy on the body which just fills you up in the end or far too thin to make you wanting more. This does manage to straddle that line quite well.

Between the great coffee notes, malt characteristics and the sweetness from the sugar and lactose it all blends extremely well for the abv and all. Really enjoyed this one and will keep an open eye for this as you should as well.

DISCLAIMER: As always in situations like this, this beer was provided at no charge to me for reviewing purposes from Green Man Brewing which here at Craft Carolina make a point to disclose that as clearly as possible and make sure it has no impact in our score and impressions.