Green Man Brewing recently announced the return of the much loved Rainmaker Double IPA in four packs as we recently covered. Now it’s time to dig into what this beer is really all about.

To start off the Rainmaker is as mentioned a Double IPA from Green Man out of Asheville, NC that comes in at 110 IBUs and 9.3% abv. From the makers themselves,

“A mammoth Double IPA that boasts 4 different hops, it’s the one hopheads wait for.”


Starting off with the first thing you see, the appearance. It pours a crystal clear golden color with a thin to medium but lingering head. This beer is about as clear as you can get and it works beautifully for this style of beer, or atleast what I like to see, quite literally.


As for aroma, the category some consider either one of the most important or the least with me somewhere in the middle of that debate. It’s about what you’d expect and what you’d want from a beer style such as this. Definitely get some of the hops mentioned with a nice piney, resinous yet slightly sweet characteristic. I will admit hoppy beers are a little harder for me to distinguish when it comes to aroma unless it’s full of fruit and other additives.


As always in my opinion the most important being the taste. Also as I always tend to notate with these types of beers, I have never been a huge hop head or fan of pales and IPAs so when one comes around that I can even tolerate that’s quite an achievement.

While this beer is still a little too hoppy for my palate I still really enjoyed it and finished it way quicker than I expected. Also what it’s aiming to do it does it extremely well. Even though I prefer more malt forward IPAs this which is clearly for the hop lovers manages to balance all the flavors pretty well.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re in the market for a slightly strong but easy drinking hoppy beer, this might be for you. It’s not the most bitter beer you’ll have by far but also still has that punch that many look for. This well balanced, high abv and being available throughout the Carolinas makes it a pretty tempting purchase if all of that sounds good to you.

Green Man is one of my favorite breweries in the Carolinas and anything they release tends to draw my attention pretty quickly and they also have a pretty constant spot in my fridge, (especially the ESB) so this beer is something worth grabbing at least once if you’re in the same wheelhouse as me and you never know, it might be your next favorite DIPA.

DISCLAIMER: As always in situations like this, this beer was provided at no charge to me for reviewing purposes from Green Man Brewing which here at Craft Carolina make a point to disclose that as clearly as possible and make sure it has no impact in our score and impressions.

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