Over the past seven months Unknown Brewing has been teaming up to create some pretty wicked collaborations. Bound for Carolina is just another notch in that belt as this Imperial Stout will knock your socks clean off! Virgil Kaine’s distillery opened about four years ago with a focus on a unique product: ginger-infused bourbon. That put the Charleston distillery on the map, and it has since expanded distribution into North Carolina. As Unknown recently grew its footprint into South Carolina, it was too perfect a match for these companies not to get together and collaborate. From the logo wrapped around the can to the flavor sealed inside no matter where you enjoy this beer your taste buds will instantly be…oh hell I’ll just say it “Bound for Carolina”.


Though this beer is an Imperial Brown, it is not super dark or thick. This beer comes across as dark tan and clean. It mirrors the color of the outside label.


The smell of the barrel aging process hits the nose first followed swiftly by the subtle hint of ginger and vanilla (sweetness). I was assuming the brew would smell strong, but it is much more delicate than the label lets on. The smell invites you inside for a taste of the latest concoction just like any good Carolinian would.

Taste & Reason

This beer is an 8.7% ABV Imperial Brown. The inspiration came from Southern chefs who are bringing in a surge of restaurants with modern cooking styles…only this time with a new blended approach utilizing heritage ingredients creating new twists on seasoned recipes. This beer is a brew-masters twist on the same trend. It was brewed with old school six-row barley and origin seed Maris barley otter. They also threw in Hominy Grits, Sorghum Syrup, and then aged it in ginger bourbon barrels from Virgil Kane.  The grits and sorghum make it smooth and sweet. The barrels have a luscious vanilla cream finish. Bound for Carolina is a perfect front porch sipper no matter where you might be off to in this wide world. Bring a 4 pack of this limited release with you and you will be “Bound for Carolina” with every sip. Cheers!

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Salvatore Pecorella
Hello fellow craft brew drinkers! I currently have two passions...Carolina Panthers Football and homebrew crafting. To better my understanding of the brewing process and styles out there I attempt to sample as many beers as possible. I do this to further educate myself and continue to perfect my craft. Craft beer culture is exploding and forming everyday and therefore you will see me at many events in the area. I use these events to gain material for the site, but also to help the Carolina beer culture flourish...to help further craft beer growth and say I was a part of a vibrant sect of people. A friendly brotherhood/sisterhood of acceptance and collaboration. If you ever see me please do not hesitate to stop and say hello. I frequent Carolina Beer Temple, Sycamore Brewing, Wooden Robot, Legal Remedy, and Unknown quite often...and always love meeting a new craft brew drinker. Cheers!