NoDa Brewing bringing the funk to Charlotte

The long talked about and awaited NoDa Brewing sour/barrel project has finally been revealed and given a date, and with the recent Wicked Weed news this could not come at a better time. Ever since NoDa opened the newer facility many expected the original one...

Ode to Pink Robots

Refreshing ecstasy long held in kettle brewed Unleashed to pour forth your luminous soul Among the sour libations you reign Despite each sip doth volume wane Alas! the tender tap flows upon my gaze fain A splendid ale, your iridescent glow Rubus genus with rose hue Oh! Pink...

Catawba Brewing Charlotte Quick Clip

a short clip quickly shot during the friends and family event before the official opening.

Clash of the Crafts 2017

For those of you unaware, charlottesgotalot is doing a NCAA style beer bracket for Charlotte and surrounding areas covering a range of styles to eventually go down to a final winner. It has been going on for a little while now but it’s not too...

Lenny Boy 5th Anniversary Quick Clip

A very quick clip (literally, it's less than 15 seconds long) of the recent Lenny Boy 5 year anniversary. Cheers!

[site update] Community Calendar now available!

For as long as Craft Carolina has been up and running the event calendar has a been an extremely useful tool. The one downside is that you'd have to email me all the details and than I'd transfer that over to the sites calendar...